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Here is the list of all the books I have written and published up to date.  For information about each book click on the title below. All books will be signed and can be dedicated on request.

100 Ways for a Horse to Train its Human £5.99     

(Good for adults and children)

100 Ways to Live with a Horse Addict £5.99         

(Also good for adults and children over 10)

100 Ways a Horse is Better than a Man £5.99         

(Best for you and your mates that put the horse before the husband – not really a kids book)

Special Offer! Buy all three for £15.00 and free shipping within the UK!

 please contact me for shipping costs outside the UK

Bombproof your Human £4.99
Your horse’s guide to help you get over your fears and tendency to spook at inopportune moments

The Fizz Kit £19.99 including p&p
Where the other titles are humour, this is the serious stuff. A self-coaching manual to help you get your mind back on the bit and going forward rather than tossing its mane and swishing its tail!

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