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Horse Books Written By Horse Lovers! 

We are horse lovers and authors. Each featured author incorporates the nobility, beauty, and unique relationship between horse and human in their writing. Horses have had a profound effect on each of our lives. Thank you for letting us share our stories with you. 

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Red Rock Ranch Series, Brittany Joy


"Brittney Joy leaves no detail untouched; I could practically smell the stall bedding and ShowSheen in the air. These books are great for young readers in need of strong characters and exciting scenes. The horse and rider interactions in the Red Rock Ranch books are much more realistic than your average starry-eyed horsey fairytale, which is refreshing. I hope to see more of Lucy, Taylor, and their equine friends in future books.

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Equestrian Author Podcast

The Equestrian Author Spotlight is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with equine authors who love all things horses and writing about them. In each episode, you’ll hear inspirational stories from horse book authors including writing advice and marketing tips to help you write your own horse book. If you are an author, aspire to be an author who writes about horses, or simply love horse books, then you are in the right place!

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